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Providing nutritious, delicious meals for children in pre-school, secondary school, and after-school programs is what KidzTable is all about. Our company is committed to making healthy food accessible to all kids in the Baltimore region.

In addition, KidzTable offers the following value-adding services to our clients:

  1. Customer service is a high priority for KidzTable staff.  We pride ourselves at being ranked as “excellent” in this category in our monthly customer surveys. 
  2. KidzTable has a nutritionist on staff who visits our program sites regularly and oversees the menu planning for children with allergies and special health issues.  One of our kitchen staff is dedicated solely to planning and packaging special meals for these children. 
  3. Routine student feedback sessions provide input into our meals and menus and help students to gain a greater understanding of healthy food choices.

“I never knew prepared foods could taste this good. The children absolutely love it. And I do too!”

Ms. Payal, Head Start Teacher