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What KidzTable is All About

For more than 6,000 children in greater Baltimore, KidzTable is a source of nutritious meals prepared with an overarching concern for their health and wellbeing. A social enterprise of St. Vincent de Paul, one of the city’s leading providers of community services, KidzTable is dedicated to ensuring that children eat right and are healthy for life. Our clients include Head Start, preschool and afterschool programs; schools; and summer camps.  We are kid-centered and welcome other clients as well.

KidzTable is committed to bringing healthier food into our nation’s schools and other children’s programs by serving meals with less sugar, fat and salt, increased whole grains; and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our History

The idea for KidzTable was born in 2008, when the leadership of St. Vincent de Paul started exploring options for providing more nutritious meals to the 500 children attending its Head Start programs.  With few alternatives available to traditional food service providers, the idea of creating a social enterprise that would both feed children healthy meals and generate potential revenue made sense.

Six months after it was launched in 2010, KidzTable was introduced to Catalyst Kitchens, a Seattle-based non-profit that provides strategic planning, job training, and other assistance to support the establishment of food service social enterprises. KidzTable is now a member of the Catalyst Kitchens Network of more than 30 like-minded organizations across the country. Each shares a vision of empowering lives through job training, generating revenue through social enterprise, and nourishing bodies and minds through quality food service.

Today, all profits generated through KidzTable support the social mission of St. Vincent de Paul. KidzTable also partners with Next Course, a culinary training initiative of St. Vincent de Paul that provides trainees with on-the-job experience to move them one step further toward their career goals.

Serving Children Without Access to Healthy Food

One in four of Baltimore’s school-aged children live in areas with little to no access to healthy, fresh foods. Depicted on this map are locations currently being served by KidzTable that lie within these so-called “Food Deserts.”  About 90% of KidzTable’s Baltimore City sites are in or next door to a food desert.

At KidzTable, our goal is contribute to a healthier generation of children that are better prepared to succeed in all aspects of their lives. As an added value to our services, we provide educational materials about food and nutrition to teachers, parents, and children – so that that children can learn more about how the food they eat each day will make them feel better and become more healthy and fit.